Men’s Rights and Women’s Rights

I was reading something online and now I can’t find it -but it mentioned the MensRights forum at Reddit – so I wandered over there to take a look.


While there may be a couple of points worth making – for the most part – I see the MRAs as clueless. Take, for example, the idea of “Men’s Studies” – as a corollary to “Women’s Studies”. That is such an obnoxious suggestion. Why? Because 98% of school already is “Men’s Studies”. While it has gotten somewhat better in the last decade or so – the vast amount of what people learn in school is about what Men have done, has been written by Men, created by Men, etc. It would be great if there were no need for “Women’s Studies” – because all of the subjects included as many viewpoints / contributions by Women as Men. We are nowhere near that.

It seems to be that the Men there complain alternately that women are dependent on Men And that women are better off than Men. I don’t think that both are possible.
Our topics are generally about divorce laws, custody laws, equal treatment under the law, false-rape accusations, domestic violence, gender double-standards, feminist hypocrisy.”
It is interesting to see what these particular men think about sexism, etc. as it is pretty much opposite to my ideas. I don’t think that they are interested in considering ideas from a women’s point of view. I am Very aware of a multitude of ways that Men are favored in society – like 97% of the art in many art museums being by Men, Men automatically being seen as “Authority Figures” while women are minimized. A large percentage of CEOs are Tall Men, for example. Look at most legislatures – large majorities Men, most upper court judges – Men, etc. The men still hold most of the power – so it seems pretty lame when they complain. And esp. when they suggest that women have more power than men and are being “sexist”.
These Men like to way over-exaggerate false-rape claims and way under-estimate actual rapes and the effects rape and the fear of rape has on women.
These men generally deny and minimize abuse by Men and maximize any negative actions by Women. They would probably deny or minimize the fact that most churches have Male Authority figures – or perhaps not notice or merely take it for granted that GOD is considered by most to be a Male or have the attributes of a Male. This gives men the privileged archetype which, by itself, implies authority and power is Male.
These Men’s Rights advocates complain about how various media models – such as what one sees on TV shows – minimize Male empowerment and empower Women, instead. They resent that some Men are shown to be weak and will do whatever the woman wants – and don’t even get upset if the woman has multiple partners, etc. I myself, am quite aware of how women have traditionally been presented by the media – including going back to at least Aristotle – who said that women should not be shown to be brave or clever (only Men should be portrayed that way) – and who thought women were inferior and wanted everyone to think that. I don’t see it as really a serious problem if some Men are shown to be slightly weak sometimes. The vast majority of TV executives, directors and producers are men. It would seem pretty obnoxious if Men never showed any men as weak – and I have a sense that it is done to make Men seem better than they would seem otherwise – by the fact that they are not All powerful.
Are women more likely to get custody of children? Yes – I’m sure they do. I am sexist to the extent that I think that for the most part, unless the woman is a drug addict or alcoholic, or has some other problem, that women are generally better parents when it comes to paying attention to and responding to children’s needs. I’m sure that there are plenty of exceptions.
When it comes to single parents – I think that both Men and Women need as much social support from society and friends as possible. And men probably find that to be in less supply because it has been unusual for Men to have the main custody. It wasn’t that long ago that Men assumed that they could not raise children alone at all and would find someone else to raise their children if the mother died. Partly that would have been because society was not set up for working parents of either sort. Lack of Day Care, etc. Mother’s are still discriminated at work (with less pay or not getting jobs) because it is assumed that they will want more time off – want to leave more, etc. It is my understanding that in similar cases businesses are more likely to give Men a break – because Men are not expected to have to do both – have a career And raise children.
I think that some of all the ill will by the MRAs goes to underlying feelings that either they feel inferior – or that they don’t feel as privileged as they expect Men to feel – or that they have mother issues (such as they think their mother did not love them enough or something). Basically – they have no understanding of feminism and see themselves as the main victims of society. And, of course, with their groups, they reinforce their mostly erroneous beliefs and try to shield themselves from opposing viewpoints.

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