More about Sex

Ruth Bettelheim, Ph.D. makes some good points here: 

The War on Sex: The Contraception Controversy’s Hidden Agenda

This controversy has been described as a war on women. It may be that, but it is also, and perhaps more effectively, a war against sexuality itself. To the degree that social denigration and government-imposed restrictions are successful in inculcating shame and fear, they foster sexual inhibition both in the marital bed and outside it. People who are ashamed of their bodies and sexuality, or fearful of the potentially dire consequences of sex, are not likely to be relaxed, uninhibited, or enthusiastic in the bedroom…

Until we recognize that the true victims of this crusade include not only women but also sexuality itself, we are unlikely to end it. Both sexes suffer when women are subjected to puritanical standards, public humiliation, and the private belief that the very sexuality they desire is “slutty” and shameful. If we are to overcome what ails us in the bedroom, we will have to address what happens in the public arena and end sanctions on female sexuality.

It’s like I suggested recently – that these right-sing extremists encourage homosexuality. The male leaders of the Catholic hierarchy, along with rL and the Republican candidates definitely are not helping relationships between men and women with their words and actions. 

It seems reasonable to speculate that the people who are quick to get on the rL bandwagon of “slut” shaming, etc. must not enjoy sex very much themselves.

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