I think one of the main problems with the Patriarchs (the writers of the Bible – the creators of Western religions) is that they had too high of an opinion of themselves  – and of humans – relative to the rest of the world.

It is common knowledge that people went from thinking that humans and the earth are the center of the universe to the relatively recent understanding that we tiny specks living on a bigger speck somewhere in a vast universe. Most figure that it is likely that there are other planets with life and we have little way of knowing how often this could have occurred.

The Bible was, of course, written when people had little understanding of the physical world and how it worked – relative to our knowledge today – which is still limited.

Fundamentalists who believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible know that it is premised on the idea that humans are special. If humans were not created by God – in “His” image – to be special, dominating creatures – as is proclaimed in Genesis – much of the Bible falls apart. When you accept that human life is a somewhat random development that happened as our features worked better than some other possibilities – it means that people need to get down off their high horse and have more humility.

Basically we are just lucky. And yes – some are luckier than others and some are more ruthless than others. Some are better at hoarding – some are better at enjoying life. Theoretically – religion ought to offer some guidance in understanding life. I think that many religions – especially the God-based ones, must be suffering a crisis because –  so many religions are not keeping up with our scientific understanding of the world. Some do – the ones not based on God.

Liberals are ahead of the game and sensibly choose those things from whatever religions are compatible with our current knowledge about relationships and the universe. Kudos to those who can make a religion that is compatible with the real world instead of a world as it was understood 3000-4000 years ago.


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