Rapists & Victims

Rick Santorum thinks that rape victims who become pregnant should have to “make the best of” it. That resulting children should be seen as “gifts from God”.

And sure, if any woman wants to think that – they are welcome to. That would, of course, be a religious point of view – not one that any woman should be expected or required to share.

To me – it is like saying that the rapist represents “God”. A person has to have an awfully obnoxious view of “God” to think of rapist’s sperm as “gifts from God”. I think any Goddess would say – that there are plenty more sperm in the world – we need not be sanctifying the rapist’s sperm as if is so precious, as if its loss would be missed.

The Pope and the Catholic church’s official stand is that abortion is always wrong and that pregnant women should die before an abortion would be performed. Their “logic” is that once you say that abortion is bad, it is always bad. (Nun’s have been excommunicated for saving women’s lives in such situations – see this).

These ideas are clearly fucked up.

It gives rapists more rights over the woman’s body than she has for her own self. That is clearly wrong.

If you want to make a stance and stick with it across situations – then the LOGICAL one is that woman are legally in control of their body. PERIOD. While a rapist may violate it temporarily – he should not be able to do so permanently. While a fetus may inhabit a woman’s body temporarily, it is the woman’s mind and body that should ALWAYS have precedence over any bodies that are trying to grow inside of her. Because she has been born already and as a living person has rights; because fetuses are not worth anything without her.

Of course – this concept is the law of the land. Framed as the right to privacy, guaranteed by the US constitution, it is known as Roe Vs. Wade – the law that upholds women’s rights.

There are women (whom I know and am related to) who think that the Pope and the Catholic Church (and presumably Santorum) are FOR women’s rights. But it is as clear as clear can be to me that there are NO women’s rights when women cannot have the legal say over whether she will or will not become or continue to be pregnant. Especially in cases of rape.

And the only person who has a right to decide if she was raped – has to be the woman herself. Not Rick Santorum, nor any judge, nor the Pope, or ANYONE else. Only her. Many men would say that a woman was not raped – she was merely coerced. Or whatever. There is too much possible nonsense for that.

Nor should she have to prove, as women did in the past – prior to Roe v Wade – that she would suffer from psychological damages. The woman should get to decide. And that is that.

All of these laws that Republicans are trying to implement to erode Roe v Wade (vaginal probes before abortions, etc., ad nauseum) are attempts to erode woman’s rights plain and simple, and should be described as such. It is mostly men who would take away from women the right to decide – without being harassed – the choices she will make for herself, for her future, for any future children she may have. And yes – that also means that any men in her life will have to live with the results of her decisions.

And then there is birth control, itself – a topic for another day.

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